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Checksum Buddy 1.0.0

Checksum Buddy Checksum Buddy is a free multi-platform files integrity checker, designed for verifying files by their CRC checksums to be sure that your data has not been corrupted by viruses, network issues, CD burning failure, or anything else.

ChecksumBudy offers a choice of CRC32, MD5 or SHA1 algorithms for computing CRC checksums. You can use two handy Wizards for computing CRC checksums and verifying integrity of your data by using already computed checksums.

Another handy Wizard performs fast comparison of two files by content. This feature is particulary useful if you have two large files such as CD or DVD images, and you need to be sure that these files are the same.

This software is written in Java and requires JRE 1.4 or higher.

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JDirectoryChooser 1.1.0

JDirectoryChooserThe JDirectoryChooser component makes working with directories from Java application easy and comfortable. We carefully designed user interface for this component in order to make all operations possible with a single click!

All properties and resources of JDirectoryChooser can be edited at runtime. This feature is particulary useful if your application supports several languages or uses custom Look&Feel.

Another exclusive feature is runtime control over user's functionality: you can prevent novice users from doing unsafe actions (such as deleting existing directories) and grant full control to the power user at the same time.

This software is written in Java and requires JDK 1.4 or higher.

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